Oculus Group is a group of experienced accountants based in the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads area. Founded in 1947, the firm has a long and reliable reputation for helping clients with their accounting and bookkeeping needs. The firm provides a range of services including accounting, business planning, and financial planning solutions that are specially designed for small to medium-sized businesses.

The firm has a transparent approach to its fees, ensuring there are no hidden charges. Instead of charging by the hour, Oculus Group offers its clients the availability of their services for however long they may be needed. This unique pricing structure aims to enable clients to make use of the firm's services without fear of overtime charges.

The team at Oculus Group is comprised of highly qualified accountants who cater to a variety of clienteles. They strive to assist clients in all aspects of their financial needs, aiming at providing all necessary information for clients to make informed decisions about their financial present and future.

In addition to their core accounting services, Oculus Group provides clients with strategic financial and business planning solutions. Their goal is to alleviate clients from the burden of financial management, thus allowing them to focus on the core aspects of their business. From streamlining workflows to devising creative tax solutions, the firm aims at untying clients from their desks.

Furthermore, Oculus Group is a Xero Accountant Gold Coast setup expert, indicating competence in using and setting up the modern cloud-based accounting software. This service allows businesses to have real-time access to their accounting information, providing a higher level of efficiency and convenience.

For customers seeking a reliable, transparent, and experienced accounting firm on the Gold Coast, the Oculus Group presents itself as a worthy consideration. Their wealth of accounting knowledge paired with their focus on customer needs, presents clients with a holistic accounting service that not only caters to their immediate needs but also provides valuable advice for their financial future.

Business address

Oculus Group
39 Warf Street,

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Phone: (07) 5536 3755