Strothman is a comprehensive business solutions provider offering various services including advisory, tax, and accounting services. The services are primarily classified into several categories including assurance advisory, outsourced accounting, and tax advisory.

Each category is further branched to provide specialized focus according to professional requirements. For instance, assurance advisory entails data advisory and strategic advisory services to ensure accurate data management and strategic business development. Additionally, investment advisory services and SOC advisory are offered to cater to the investment needs of business-level clients.

Strothman's outsourced accounting services cover a wide array of financial needs. Encompassing bookkeeping, controller, and CFO services, these specialized financial services aid clients in managing their financial affairs effectively. Moreover, the firm, pursuant to its mission of providing comprehensive solutions, provides tax advisory and accounting services which serve to alleviate the complexities and intricacies involved in tax and fiscal matters.

Strothman services stretch across several industries, constructing an expansive network that includes emerging markets, government entities, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics businesses. Other sectors served include non-profit organizations, professional services, and real estate firms. By virtue of this diversification, Strothman is capable of tailoring unique solutions for different sectors according to their individual needs and requirements.

At the core of Strothman's operations is the initiative to keep clients informed and updated. For this, the company maintains a robust repository of resources that include insights and event lists. These resources are aimed at familiarizing customers with key industry trends and practices, capitalizing on Strothman's wealth of industrial knowledge and experience.

In addition, Strothman showcases its commitment to its clients through a dedicated client portal. This portal provides easy access for customers to manage their payments and interact closely with the firm. Coupled with a strategic team of experts, Strothman strives to deliver high-end service to their clients.

As an employer, Strothman offers a vibrant career landscape filled with job opportunities and a host of benefits. Life at StroCo, as they call it, promotes a healthy work-life balance.

In summation, Strothman provides a wide spectrum of services from advisory to accounting, all tailored to meet the specific requirements of different business sectors. Its dedication to developing and enriching its client relationships, resource base, and its employees provides a testimony to its comprehensive service delivery. This broad range of services coupled with its commitment to customer service and staff development makes it a solution-driven firm, consistently delivering unique, high-quality business solutions.