iSolved HCM is a Human Capital Management (HCM) platform that caters to various industries, including professional and business services, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, construction, engineering, and retail. With its comprehensive range of products and services, the platform is able to serve small companies with 100 employees or fewer, medium companies with 101 to 499 employees, and larger companies of 500 or more employees. It promotes a streamlined approach to business processes by offering a singular solution for various HR tasks.

The platform provides a powerful set of tools designed to attract, employ, onboard, and develop talents. Key features of talent acquisition include onboarding and development, HR and payroll, benefits enrollment and administration. The HR and Payroll functionality strengthens and compensates the workforce through integrated payroll and human resource management. This ability to unify these two critical functions can potentially boost the efficiency of any HR department.

Servicing the workforce management aspect, iSolved HCM equips organizations with tools for time and labor management, scheduling, and expense management. These aim to help businesses track and process time, expenses, benefits, and more, thus allowing for better cost control and workforce productivity.

In terms of talent management, iSolved HCM places emphasis on employee engagement and performance. It provides features that enable employees to share, perform, learn, and grow in their respective careers. One notable feature is compensation management, which ensures that employees are rewarded appropriately for their efforts.

Another strength of iSolved HCM lies in its array of comprehensive auxiliary services including HR Services, Benefit Services, and Retirement and Financial Wellness Services. These offers can augment the HR function, select and deliver impactful employee benefits, and maximize a company's HCM investment.

Significantly, iSolved HCM maintains a secure, scalable, and reliable platform equipped with a full REST API. This allows for easy integration with other software systems, thus enabling companies to customize their HCM solutions according to their unique needs.

On the whole, iSolved HCM provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services to administer, manage and optimize Human Capital, making it versatile for businesses of all sizes and across various industries. It is an all-inclusive platform that can streamline HR processes, enhance employee engagement and productivity, and return insightful data for strategic decision-making.

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