Clever Accounts is an online platform that specializes in providing comprehensive accountancy services. The organization highlights its expertise in diverse areas of financial management and taxation, including services for contractors, freelancers, limited companies, sole traders, the construction industry, landlords, and new start-ups. Clever Accounts offers a variety of scalable packages at different price points, enabling diverse clients to choose services that best meet their needs and budgets.

For contractors and freelancers, Clever Accounts promises unlimited help with accountancy tasks as they strive to offer holistic aid encompassing extensive accounting and IR35 support, all starting from ₤99.50+ VAT per month. For limited companies, the service includes tax efficiency advice and assistance on running a business, along with unlimited accounting support, for the same price. Sole traders, meanwhile, can access unlimited accountancy support for their businesses from ₤37.50 + VAT per month.

Clients from the construction industry are promised a quick and hassle-free tax return submission service. Enabling businesses to stay tax compliant, the service is quoted at ₤270 inclusive of VAT per year. When it comes to landlords who need to calculate and declare their rental income and expenses, the organisation provides a tailored service available from ₤29.95 inclusive of VAT per month. For those launching their own companies, Clever Accounts offers free company formation along with unlimited support, marking an important step in fostering successful startups.

Clever Accounts utilizes an online accounting software tool to efficiently manage bookkeeping requirements. The easy-to-navigate system aims to streamline clients' accounting tasks, providing them with the tools to handle their bookkeeping requirements smoothly and efficiently.

Clever Accounts also positions itself as competent when it comes to IR35, a complex piece of legislation that affects contractors and freelancers. They provide specialized solutions and advice for managing IR35 considerations, underlining their commitment to supporting their customers navigate complex taxation rules.

Moreover, the organization focuses on Making Tax Digital (MTD) compliance, catering specifically to the needs of sole traders and landlords. This demonstrates their efforts in staying ahead of the curve in terms of adapting and responding to the evolution of tax systems.

Lastly, the platform includes support for self-assessment; however, further details on this service are not explicitly mentioned.

In conclusion, Clever Accounts features an array of customized accounting services aimed at different types of businesses, providing a one-stop solution for diverse bookkeeping and accounting needs. The blend of proactive help, tailored solutions, and a core focus on technology underscore Clever Accounts' commitment in helping their clients efficiently manage their financial affairs.

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Clever Accounts Ltd
Brookfield Court, Selby Road,
West Yorkshire
LS25 1NB
United Kingdom

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Phone: 0800 7569 786