Precision Combustion Inc. is a privately-held clean energy technology company. Its focus is on developing and manufacturing components and systems for clean and efficient power generation, combustion, emissions control, and chemical manufacturing applications.

The company offers a diverse range of products and technologies. One of its most known ones includes Microlith RCL, which is a catalyst technology aimed at helping to increase efficiency in power generation. Multiple solutions are offered, including Tactical Power Generation and various Fuel Processors, such as SOFC Fuel Processors and PEM Fuel Processor.

Precision Combustion Inc. also provides options for Fuel Reformers, such as WGS/PROX OXY/ATR and IC Engine Augmentation. Its line of Burners and Oxidizers include offerings such as Catalytic Burners and Stirling Engine Burner. These products further expand the company's diverse and extensive product offerings.

The company has a broad range of air cleaning solutions as well, including VOCs and Air Contaminant Control devices, CO2 adsorbers, and Sulfur Adsorbers. Moreover, the company's catalog also contains Combustors with variants such as the Catalytic Combustors and Catalytic Pilots.

Precision Combustion Inc. further offers Downhole Steam Generators, which have applications in Heavy Oil Production and Methane Hydrate Production. Microturbine Catalytic Combustors and OXY-FUEL Combustor are other important products offered in this category. In addition, the company provides Soil Remediation Steam Generator and Soil Disinfestation Steam Generator for soil treatment processes.

In their Specialty Products category, the company produces Advanced Cetane Analyzer, Catalytic Glow Plugs, Chemical Reactors, Catalytic Converters, Catalytic Liners, and Flashback Arrestors. These products again indicate the company's commitment to diverse and innovative solutions delivery.

The markets the company serves are diverse and extensive as well. They serve various industries such as Aerospace Defense, Fuel Cell Systems, Gas Turbine Engines, Automotive, Indoor Air Quality, Agriculture, Oil and Gas Production, and Chemical Manufacturing.

It is notable that Precision Combustion Inc. maintains its commitment to innovation alongside its various product offerings. The company was selected for a NASA Phase I STTR Award for new membrane development for high-efficiency in July 2023.

The career opportunities at Precision Combustion Inc. appear vast, with various job openings across varying roles constantly updated.

To sum up, Precision Combustion Inc. is a comprehensive clean energy technology company with a wide array of offerings in clean and efficient power generation, combustion, emissions control, and chemical manufacturing. Through its extensive range of products and continuing commitment to innovation, it proves to be a leading entity in its field.