Living-Water Ltd is a top water delivery company based in London. They offer a diverse range of products for both rent and purchase, such as bottled coolers, mains-fed coolers and hot water boilers. In addition to this, they provide various accessories, including POU filters, bottle covers, cooler cups, ultra absorbent cooler mats, bottle stands, and Squash Stix cordial.

Amongst their standout products is the Stainless Steel Water Cooler, which is reviewed as an impressive addition to any home or office setting due to its stylish design. The Stainless Steel Water Cooler is highlighted to be not just aesthetic, but also functionally commendable.

The Executive Water Cooler is another important offering from the company. It is favoured for its sleek design, delivering a choice of three different colour side panels. The Executive Water Cooler is equipped with three taps, offering options of cool, ambient, and hot water. Its solid metal levers are emphasised for being built to last, indicating the cooler's durability and long-term utility.

The Pure Water Cooler from Living-Water Ltd also receives notable mentions. It benefits from a sleek design that seamlessly integrates an internal cup dispenser, soft touch electronic dispensing, and pressure vessel technology. It also offers a delight to the aesthetic sensibilities of any workplace.

Living-Water Ltd's delivery service is known to cover various areas including Central London, North London, East London, South London, West London, and even extends to providing UK-wide water delivery and m25 water delivery. This exhaustive coverage ensures a wide customer reach.

From an environmental perspective, it's worth mentioning that Living-Water Ltd makes efforts to be environmentally friendly. They also engage in charity work, adding to their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Overall, Living-Water Ltd provides a well-rounded service with an extensive range of products that cater to an array of customer needs, reaching out to a wide geographical area, while also committing to socially responsible practices.

Business address

Living-Water Coolers Ltd
Unit 1, 55 Weir Road, Wimbledon, SW19 8UG ,
London ,
Greater London
SW19 8UG
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 00442031399051
Fax: 00442034115985