serves as an authoritative resource for residential and commercial users interested in solar energy. One of its key strengths lies in its provision of in-depth content and a variety of tools and resources that help users understand and compare the costs of solar PV panels. These features make it easy for potential solar energy users to estimate expenses and effectiveness of their solar PV system installations.

At the forefront of renewable energy technologies, presents solar panels as an attractive option for homeowners. The tangible benefits include a sizeable reduction in energy bills and an opportunity to profit from UK government's solar incentive schemes. The site ensures potential users are fully informed on the economic advantages of solar installation.

Where the environmental implications are concerned, the site aptly highlights the environmental friendly nature of solar energy. In the era of growing emphasis on eco-friendly energy sources, solar panels, as outlined by produce no harmful carbon dioxide emissions during operation. This feature contributes to a reduction in the overall carbon footprint and promotes cleaner and greener living.

One of the standout features of is the inclusion of a directory of solar panel installers. This directory serves as a convenient tool for those interested to take the next step and start a solar installation project. It thus bridges the gap between considering and actually implementing solar energy solutions.

Importantly, does not neglect the commercial users. The website clearly illustrates the cost saving benefits of commercial solar panel installations. In addition, it also throws light on the financial gains businesses can achieve through the Feed in Tariff system by feeding back excess energy.

However, the site keeps its users updated on significant changes that may influence their decisions. It points out the Feed in Tariff reductions that took effect from November 2012. The transparency in communication ensures that users have accurate and up-to-date information to make informed decisions.

In conclusion, offers a comprehensive resource for solar energy, encompassing a wide demographic of potential users. Its user-friendly interface, abundant information and useful directories make it an invaluable guide for those interested in solar panel installations. Its focus on both the environmental and financial benefits highlight solar panels as an appealing energy solution for the future.

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