GreenGoods is a business offering a wide variety of environmentally friendly and disposable tableware. The company prides itself on its sustainable approach and focuses on providing a range of biodegradable products which are both practical and eco-friendly.

The company offers a vast selection of products including disposable cups, straws, plates, bowls, cutlery, and trays. These items are available in various sustainable materials suited for different purposes and diverse user needs. Some of the materials include bamboo, palm leaves, sugar cane, and corn among others.

Specifically, GreenGoods' bamboo tableware is reportedly gaining popularity in the catering service sector due to its environmentally friendly nature. Made of natural materials, these items are designed to be durable, practical, and most importantly safe for the environment.

The company also provides a range of products made from palm leaves. According to the company, these items are suitable for multiple uses in dry serving situations and are heat resistant up to 220 degrees Celsius. This makes them an ideal choice for functions and events where heated food is served.

GreenGoods' range also includes products made from sugar cane. These disposable food service items are lauded for their versatility. They retain the quality while being eco-friendly.

It's also worth noting that GreenGoods offers products made from corn. This includes, for example, cups and straws that are marketed as being environmentally friendly, thereby giving consumers an eco-friendly option for their drinking needs.

The company is committed to delivering green solutions, without compromising on practicality or functionality. They support direct orders and even provide the option for special order according to a customer's needs.

Verdict: GreenGoods is an environmentally conscious provider of disposable tableware. They offer a robust range of eco-friendly products made from sustainable materials. The business aims to facilitate a more responsible way of serving food and drink through their selection of multi-purpose products made to cater to the individual needs of their clients.