PHS Wastekit is a company specialized in waste management solutions. Their website is designed to offer the best user experience, with features like an easy signup process and a customer portal that enhances the customer-company interaction. They offer a range of services such as Wastesaving Audits and Baler Training, and also offer well-maintained spare parts for their machinery.

PHS Wastekit has a diverse collection of Balers and compactors machines. They offer products ranging from Cardboard Balers, Plastic Balers, Vertical Balers, Multi-Chamber Balers to Bin and Bag Compactors. This wide selection offers businesses solutions to their waste management needs in various sectors including hospitality, hotels, pubs and restaurants, retail, leisure, and manufacturing sectors.

PHS Wastekit's accessories selection and specialist equipment range allow for the enhancement of waste management processes in varying operational conditions. It's impressive how they also offer energy-efficient Balers which are an effective way of saving money and energy, contributing to sustainable business practices.

In addition, they offer advanced Cardboard Balers to transform waste management. Their range of Balers and Compactors not only helps control waste efficiently but are also available in Static and Portable options, providing flexibility in usage. For businesses interested in recycling, they offer Cardboard and Plastic Balers which can significantly enhance your recycling process. For those who require large scale waste management, options like Horizontal Balers are available.

PHS Wastekit is more than just a supplier of waste management machinery. They provide with value-added services like the Wastesaving Audit which provides a calculation to help businesses figure out how much they can save with their waste management solutions.

In conclusion, PHS Wastekit provides a comprehensive range of Balers and Compactors, accessories and related services. With their extensive product range, they can cater to waste management needs in various sectors, with an emphasis on sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Business address

PHS WasteKit
Unit 6 Alpha Industrial Park Bevan Way ,
Smethwick ,
B66 1BZ
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 0800 169 3534