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  • Associated Plastic Recyclers - APR Ltd
    Buys, sells and recycles plastic scrap, plastic waste and packaging throughout the UK.

  • Danbar Drilling
    Danbar offer outstanding geothermal and geotechnical drilling services to companies across the UK. We also offer dewatering services, as well as anything else you need from us. You can contact us today for a free quote and to find out more.

  • Green Goods: Disposable Tableware EP
    An Israeli company that imports and markets a variety of high quality products for the business sector. The company specializes in perishable environment friendly disposable tableware.

  • Living Water
    London's leading provider of premium water cooler solutions, including bottled water coolers and mains-fed water coolers. Provide Nationwide UK delivery and installations.

  • PHS Wastekit: Cardboard Balers & Recycling Compactors
    Offers a whole service solution to help businesses reduce the cost of their waste disposal by up to 90%. As well as supplying baler and compactor machines, PHS Wastekit offers baler rental and hire options as well as servicing and maintenance across the UK.

  • Solar lithium battery: eitaisolar.com
    Selection Solar lithium battery suppliers more complete details about Solar lithium battery OEM ODM service manufacturer and factory

  • Solar panels for your home
    Enables you to compare the cost of solar pv. They offer advice on purchasing and installing solar panels for your home or business.

  • Cardno ATC
    Provides help and experts in fields like engineering, hygiene, mining, real estate and petroleum. Information and news about the company on the website.

  • CJ Bloor Property Consultants
    EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) provider operating in Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire.

  • CNGNow
    Resource for the Compressed Natural Gas industry. Career opportunities, business to business services and a community feature can be found on the website. The attached blog provides users with further reading and information in the CNG field.

  • D&A Environmental Inc
    Overall environmental services. Remedy information, testing, consulting work and site investigation. More information about services and contact on website.

  • Environmental Expert
    Online resource for the environmental industry. Features career options displayed through various environment-related categories. Articles, books and journals are also freely accessible on the website.

  • Environmental, Health & Safety Benchmarking
    Association which helps companies determine what they can do to improve their EHS practices. A wide array of experts are available and their contact info can be found on the website.

  • ESC Safety
    OSHA-compliant training services for businesses. Workplace safety & health environment courses for employees from any industry.

  • Ferrellgas
    Nationwide supplier of propane. Includes list of United States retail locations.

  • Genius Energy
    A UK based solar panel company, based in Solihull in the West Midlands. Specialising predominantly in solar panels, the company strives to show customers the advantages of solar power.

  • HzW Environmental Consultants, LLC
    Since 1987, HzW has been offering environment-compliant solutions. They work with any kinds of business, industry and even government sectors. Information about their past, present and current projects found on website.

  • Intricate Group
    An energy services organization providing a diverse set of service solutions. Intricate is dedicated to the success of our clients.

  • MT2
    Environmental remediation, firing range services, and construction services through advanced patented ECOBONDĀ® technology. Focuses on metal contamination primarily in the US.

  • Nexus Energy Solutions
    Providing energy performance certificates to residential and commercial customers across the United Kingdom.

  • NW Total Engineered Solutions
    Pipe welding and mechanical fitting through services like Carbon Steel Pipe and plate welding, Stainless Steel Pipe and plate welding and Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe Welding. Experts available for non-intrusive, non-destructive testing and evaluation.

  • PASE
    Communication in times of crises and disasters preparedness, including solutions and training for all sorts of businesses and industries.

  • Precision Combustion, Inc.
    Website of a company that develops and deploys catalytic devices and systems specially tailored for the energy sector and its applications. A market description is available, along with specialty products for various uses.

  • SIR Phoenix
    Focuses on SIR model tanks, granting inspection services and leak detection services. Installation of safety devices and their maintenance are also provided.

  • Solar Power
    A comprehensive technology resource about solar energy applications. Learn how to build your own panels for photovoltaic power generation and home heating.

  • Solar Sphere
    Solar kits store, online learning and installer referral network. The company creates custom solar panel kits as well. Worldwide shipping.

  • Thompson & Associates
    Design and consulting firm primarily focused on recreational spaces. Consulting services are also provided for injuries, site analysis and training for a wide range of industries and situations.

Environment & Energy Web Directory

These days there is much talk about preserving the environment and having businesses do things that are considered to be environmentally conscious. As more legislation passes through lawmaking bodies around the world regarding the preservation of the environment, and as more companies are finding that becoming environmentally conscious has a positive effect on sales, the pressure for all companies to take the environment into account becomes tremendous. But when it comes to preserving the environment and saving money on energy, the proactive company recognizes the large positive financial impact energy saving measures can have on the bottom line.


A quick look at a web directory of current specifications regarding products and procedures that are environmentally friendly and conserve energy will show that the movement is truly global. Some countries will not trade with other countries that have not adapted at least one of the new energy efficiency standards, and there are several industries that require certain environmental specifications to be met in order to be able to sell products in that industry.

Our environment is fragile and we have to take care of it, whether if we are speaking about pollution or energy saving. Nowadays more and more people and companies choose the economical light bulb that reduces the consume of energy with up to three quarters in comparison to the normal light bulb. It is vital to care about environment and think about the future of our children, this is why we have to adopt a mature approach towards the problem.

Solar panels are efficient and come in hand because you save energy and you don`t have to pay for any extra energy. Along with the solar panels, some of the most known methods of producing electric energy is by using wind-driven electric power stations, several stations like this could supply a small city with electric energy. Due to the fact that our environment has become more and more polluted, every year the 22th of April is declared the Earth`s Day when we should all save electric energy for an hour, this way saving the Earth and show that we care.

This subcategory of the web directory that deals with environment and energy allows you to submit your site and present your site and business if you promote products related to environment and energy saving. For instance you can submit to this web directory if you want to present ways of developing your own solar panel or wind-driven electric power station. We show respect towards environment by saving energy.

For example, the high technology industry has a series of environmental requirements that must be met in order to sell products to customers around the world because of the toxic nature of the materials used to make technology products. The idea of becoming environmentally friendly becomes a good business decision that could help a company to enter new markets and find new customers.

Saving energy saves money, and the company that implements energy saving measures will add profit to their bottom line. It sounds like a simplified version of the idea of energy conservation, but if the proper measures are taken then it can be that simple. Develop a company policy of turning of lights and equipment that is not in use, get fluorescent light bulbs to lower energy draw, and find ways to keep the heating costs down during the winter and your company can start to see significant cost savings with these new energy policies.