French Selection is an international recruitment company that specializes in job placements for various business industries and services. The business provides a platform for candidates to submit their resumes and view job vacancies and for employers to submit their job vacancy enquiries.

The range of jobs on offer on French Selection's platform includes bilingual and multilingual positions, primarily involving European languages. An example of these listings is a role for an 'Arabic speaking Sales and Marketing Executive' based in Germany, France, or the Netherlands. The role offers a salary of up to 65,000 Euro per annum.

French Selection offers positions involving diverse linguistic skill sets. An 'Italian Speaking Office Administrator' position based in London offering up to ₤28,000 per annum is listed on the site. Similarly, they offer a role for a 'Bilingual Export Administrator' based in Manchester with a wage offering up to ₤25,000 annually.

Another listing showcases a 'German Speaking Sales Operations Administrator' role based in London which offers up to ₤35,000 per annum. A higher wage position is listed for a 'Polish speaking Client Relationship Manager' located in Norwich. This job comes with a salary of approximately ₤55,000.

French Selection also recruits for specialized roles. A 'Business Developer (Tech)' job in Horsham is advertised, offering a salary of ₤28,000 per annum. Furthermore, they provide part-time roles such as a French Speaking Sales Support Coordinator based in Dartford. The annual salary for the part-time role is estimated at ₤25,000. A French Speaking Customer Service Advisor role located in Harrogate is listed with an annual salary offering up to ₤27,000.

Overall, French Selection offers a diverse range of linguistically demanding job vacancies in a variety of industries. Their listings show they recruit for roles in customer service, sales support, business development, and administrative roles, and these roles are spread across a wide geographical spread, from the UK to mainland Europe. French Selection's specialization in multilingual recruitment makes it an enticing platform for those with language skills. Their diverse roles and competitive salary offerings make the platform a potential conduit between qualified candidates and employers from international business industries.

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French Selection
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