Mike Kelley offers a professional CV writing service that spans over three decades of experience. The service extends to producing CVs, cover letters, and optimized LinkedIn profiles. The credibility of his experience is traceable on his LinkedIn profile.

Kelley's signature offering is the highest quality CV writing service tailored to match both advertised and speculative job demands. His initial CV drafts are thoroughly reviewed and proofread. Customers are offered an optional front-page photograph and have the benefit of receiving future guidance on CV updates via email, completely free of charge.

Adding value to his service, Kelley also presents the 'CV Plus' package where he optimizes and posts the client's CV online for recruiters and employers to access. This process leverages keyword optimizations making CVs readily accessible and easy to discover. By having client's details made public (confidentiality is optional), a high level of trustability and integrity of the CV content is established amongst potential employers. This service isn't limited to job seekers alone, but it also serves as an opportunity for those willing to make a spontaneous job change.

His services are a blend of traditional CV crafting methods and contemporary digital strategies. This balance explains why the updates and advice on CVs are available for free in the future, nurturing an ongoing relationship with clients. Moreover, Kelley offers a 'CV tidy service', and has an online CV questionnaire making the process simpler and more efficient.

Kelley's services extend across different industries, providing template layouts for sales executives, project management, finance, technical, production businesses, and even medical fields such as doctors, carers, midwives, and community workers.

Overall, Mike Kelley provides seasoned expertise and comprehensive services in CV writing, alongside providing resources to optimise visibility in the job market, his approach tackles both the creative and technical aspects of professional profiling.

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Rockcliffe Avenue,
Whitley Bay,
Tyne and Wear
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Phone: 0191 2514000