The TPI Personnel staffing agency, with over 35 years of experience in the field, is a well-established player in the talent acquisition market. Combining a people-focused approach with the use of state-of-the-art technology, it remains an influential entity in the staffing industry in Canada since 1985.

Composed of various operational arms, these companies specialize in different sectors. offers full-service talent acquisition, aiming to match professional candidates with companies across Canada. They partner with businesses to provide solutions that go beyond filling vacancies by sourcing high-quality personnel aligned with the company's goals.

Next, forms part of the group, offering staffing services specifically for technical positions. These include roles for software developers, network engineers, project managers, and cybersecurity professionals. Their goal is to bridge the talent gap in the technological sector, connecting the best tech talents to the leading companies in the sector, contributing to a better and more efficient workforce. serves the transport sector, using innovative 'smart-driver' matching technology. This platform is uniquely able to connect thousands of high-quality commercial truck driver candidates to companies. The driver staffing services target the transportation industry, aiding both the employers and drivers by ensuring drivers find jobs quickly and easily while the companies fill their vacancies with qualified, experienced professionals., another branch of the TPI Personnel group, benefits employers with its selection of pre-vetted candidates. It promotes efficient hiring for in-demand jobs by utilizing a 'smart-staff' matching technology. As a result, recruiters are better placed to quickly identify applicants with the right skills and qualifications needed for specific industry roles. In addition, the handpick process ensures the candidates not only meet the job requirements but are also a fit for the company culture.

TPI Personnel's rich experience of over three decades and servicing of average 5k annual roles distinguish it as a reliable agency for talent acquisition and staff placement. Its variety of specialized companies each caters to a different industry, ensuring they meet the staffing needs of various sectors. Therefore, TPI Personnel's group of companies seems to be a valuable solution for businesses looking for an efficient, well-rounded staffing services provider.

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TPI Personnel Inc.
1090 Dundas Street East,Suite 203,
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Phone: 1-888-650-4874
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