, formerly a resource portal for accounting students, educators, and influencers by AICPA and CIMA, has now transitioned to a new platform named This new website aims to carry forward the facilitative role of its predecessor, presenting a freshened user experience split into a Student Site and an Educator Site.

Additionally, the popular accounting game that was previously housed on is now directly accessible at Users can log in or create a new account on the site to resume playing or start their journey with 'Bank On It'. This relocation makes the game more easily accessible to its target users - students and learners seeking practical understanding of accounting principles through an engaging platform.

The new student site on provides resources that were earlier available on, tailored specifically to the needs of accounting students. Similarly, the new Educator Site provides materials and resources for educators to enhance their teaching methodologies around accounting.

The splitting of the previous website into two new ones, and, seems like a strategic move to deliver more specialized services to the targeted audiences - accounting students, educators, and enthusiasts. This could potentially enhance user experience by reducing clutter and focusing on specialized content.

While the efficiency of the new layout and navigational elements still remain to be evaluated post usage, these changes indicate an intent to deliver a more streamlined and engaging experience to users. If users have any questions or would like to provide feedback on the new sites, they can contact the support team via email.

Overall, the transition from to the dual platforms of and could be seen as an effort to create a more focused and specialized resource portal for accounting learners and educators. The transition appears to be smoothly coordinated and it is made clear where the respective content from can now be found. It would be interesting to monitor the adoption and response to the new platforms over time.