The site includes over one million U.S. businesses who are mainly concerned with the business-to-business (B2B) service sector. Our audience are people who want to improve their knowledge about important business services and the companies who provide these services, leading to better decision making.

A popular use of the site information and tools is for Sales and Marketing professionals who are looking for information about companies and industries in the business services sector.

Firstly, users can mine the site by industry and by geography (state) to generate market size information. There are additional filters for annual business sales, number of employees and years in business that enables further refinement of the market.

Secondly, users are presented with detailed company profiles of all the businesses that meet their criteria including: company name, address, phone number, website, specialties and brand names associated with the company, services provided and contact name and title. Also provided: SIC codes, Annual Business Sales, Number of Employees, Sales per Employee and Years in Business. These last 4 elements are presented in graphs with comparison to their industrial peer group providing more context. Note: Not all data elements are available on all companies.

This site supports activities such as: Market sizing Sales lead prospecting and qualification Sales territory allocations and alignments Preliminary market research

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