AbiLogic Business Web Directory has been around since 2004 and it has a solid reputation in online marketing circles. The design and layout of this business directory makes a great first impression.

It creates an inviting atmosphere that makes one want to stay and linger for a while. It's like walking into a department store that has a nice ambiance and makes shopping more pleasurable.

You do need to take any positive online review you see about the AbiLogic Business Web Directory with a grain of salt as this directory has a very lucrative affiliate program. When a site has an affiliate program that pays well, you always see a rash of exceptional high praise being given as affiliate marketers try to pre-sell you and entice you to click on their specially coded affiliate link. Keep in mind too that these links are sometimes disguised as regular links.

Having said the above, this is 100% honest review of the AbiLogic Business Web Directory. The homepage of this directory is like looking at a storefront, decorated for the holiday or season and offering some special deals.

The navigation menu showing the top level categories in the directory run along the left side of the homepage. The text is easy to read and it is easy to find what you are looking for.

The AbiLogic Business Web Directory has more secondary and tertiary subcategories than most business web directories. It also has thousands of sites included in the directory, more than most directories. I did not find any empty subcategories and the titles on all subcategory pages show the pathway to that subcategory with the name of the category and subcategory but no keyword stuffing. Very nicely done.

I really like the way listings are displayed in this directory. Each listing has a screenshot of the homepage, a short and accurate description, and in some cases other information like contact info. The listings under the subcategories are very neatly and attractively displayed. This makes it easy to scan through the list and get a feel for the different companies listed.

A premium listing that will place your site at the top of the list in its subcategory costs $35 to be reviewed for a permanent link. The AbiLogic Business Web Directory is probably priced a tad higher because of the affiliate program that it runs which pays up to 50%.

On the other hand, you can get a basic listing for only $15 for a permanent listing in this popular business directory. This seems like a great deal to me. For $19 you can list 4 additional pages in the directory other than your home page. All submissions must be approved by the editors, and if they are not approved, the money is not returned so make sure your site meets the standards of the site before paying.