BizWeb is a web directory that has been online since 2004 and over this time it has built up a record of over 46,000 companies in just over 200 categories. Bizweb focuses on business and shopping websites only.

To begin with, it is worth talking about the design and it does come across as needing to be updated as it has certainly been left behind compared to other directories available online. There are no fancy graphics, no real color to speak of and the pages are just lists of categories and links to websites. The design does, therefore, remind you more of a phone book rather than what we now expect from a directory.

Navigating around the site is very simple as you have all of the 200 or so categories laid out before you and all that is required is to scroll down through them and click on the one you want. There is a search bar option at the top of the page if you would prefer to do this.

More up to date directories tend to provide you with a lot of information to help you decide if you should click on a link or not, but this is not the case with BizWeb as you do not get any extra details apart from a link to a website and perhaps ten words as a description.

This does, however, work quite well as the small description just gives you enough information to decide if you should click on it or not and you already know you are in the right part of the website due to having selected the category yourself so it does do the job that it is intended for just without the extra details that may be available elsewhere.