UPS Shipping and Logistics Solutions is a company that provides global delivery services. It offers a plethora of services such as creating shipments, calculating shipping costs, scheduling pickups, finding locations, viewing shipping history, and batch file shipping. UPS also provides tools for managing customer orders and offers instructions on how to ship a package or how to return a package. The company's shipping services extend to the international market as well.

In addition to its shipping services, UPS offers tracking services that help customers track their packages and view all their shipments in one place. Among its tracking solutions, it offers a product called Quantum View, which allows customers to control their deliveries at their convenience. Moreover, the company also provides support for tracking-related queries.

UPS has a wide-ranging number of products and services aimed at saving costs for its customers. It provides an option to open an account that offers up to an 82% discount on shipping costs. Alongside cost-saving measures, UPS presents tools and services tailored for businesses. These include managing shipments for large enterprises, understanding and paying bills, and support in claims and returns processes.

They also offer services to facilitate business growth. These services aim to help start or grow a business, expand an online business, and offer pickup and drop-off options. A streamlined return process through UPS Returns is also offered to customers.

The UPS website provides several functionalities to facilitate customer interaction. Global shipping and logistics services are trackable and quotations for their services can be obtained easily. There are also options for logging into an account and exploring various billing processes. For a limited period, UPS even offers personalized shipping discounts linked to free shipping accounts.

However, potentially significant information to customers is that there may be package delays due to severe weather conditions and other unexpected circumstances, like the situation in Ukraine. The information is often updated on the company's service alert section on the website. Overall, UPS provides a comprehensive range of shipping and logistics solutions catered to individual and business needs.