OvationMR is a market research panel aimed at providing insights for both B2B and consumer markets. The service is positioned as a useful resource for academics, offering an accessible approach to research sampling and survey programming. It boasts a structured, five-step process for online research, ensuring an efficient and results-driven method.

The platform offers a variety of services ranging from panel solutions, survey programming, customer success cases to resources such as blog articles, ESOMAR28 answers, and a sample size calculator. It aims to make the research process simpler and more streamlined for its users. The system also houses both a consumer and B2B panel, providing valuable data points for a wide range of research requirements.

One key aspect of OvationMR's services is its B2B research functionality. The platform provides vital information for businesses, including conjoint analysis, brand tracking, global insight services, concept testing, market analysis, and segmentation. Additionally, it offers qualitative services which strategize the research process to yield concrete results. This makes it an optimal tool for businesses seeking comprehensive market insights.

The resource is also equipped with a feature labeled Panel Quality and Recruiting Info. This tool allows users to understand the panel's demographics and recruiting process, adding transparency and credibility to the research process. The platform seeks to offer the highest quality panelists, ensuring the credibility of data provided.

Other features of OvationMR that stand out includes corporate policies and pledges, with a strong focus on sustainability and inclusive diversity. This shows the organization's commitment to operating responsibly - a factor appreciated by conscious users. This ethos is further emphasized by their anti-slavery policy.

Communication is encouraged on the platform with offerings like Ask an Expert and Get Quote, reflecting the company's proactive stance on customer service. Their Dashboard Reporting Solutions offers users a comprehensive view of their research, promoting usability and convenience.

OvationMR does a commendable job in providing a fully-kitted market research solution to its users. It combines a user-friendly interface with a variety of research tools, resources, and services, covering both B2B and Consumer markets. The platform's commitment to quality and transparency, alongside its focus on ethical business practices, places it as an appealing choice for researchers and businesses alike. It stands as an efficient tool for gaining valuable market insights and making informed decisions.

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