Financiere des professionnels is a financial institution that caters specifically to professionals from various fields such as medicine, dentistry, notary, architecture, pharmacy among others. They also address others in professions not categorically listed on their website. They offer a wide range of services to cater for every financial need of the professionals they serve.

The services they offer range from fiscal policies to investment solutions. With fiscal regimes that have been tailored to make financial navigation easier for investors, they offer individualized solutions to ensure that investors are well accommodated. An element of their fiscal policies is tax assistance which is great for busy professionals who may struggle to keep up with tax-related matters.

Looking into the investment services provided by Financiere des professionnels, they offer a responsible investment strategy. They also offer a service where returns of their funds are managed, giving investors the peace of mind they need. They also have a complete offer, ensuring that all financial needs of the investors are met under one roof. This saves investors, who are busy professionals, the hassle of seeking various services from different service providers.

In addition, they uniquely offer banking solutions and retirement planning. This is an important service considering their market is comprised of busy professionals who may not necessarily have the time to plan for their retirement. The retirement planning service affords professionals the luxury to plan their future without the burden of doing it themselves.

In efforts to make their service offering more desirable, Financiere des professionnels provides family benefits and trust funds to ensure that respective families are well taken care of. They offer notary and accounting services which are personalized to accommodate the unique needs of all their clients.

They further bolster their service offering by providing a team of portfolio managers and advisors, who are available to walk clients through any financial-related matters. They also offer a personalized investment policy service. Financiere des professionnels also caters for situations where there may be a client wishing to invest in mutual funds through their collective RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) service.

Verdict: professionals from various fields are at the heart of the services provided by Financiere des professionnels. With services such as an informant page, they strive to ensure that their clients are always informed on any financial-related matter.

Business address

Financière des professionnels
2, complexe Desjardins, Tour de l'Est, 31e étage,
H5B 1C2

Contact details

Phone: 514 350-5050