Kompass Consultancy is an organization that aims to guide and inspire individuals and groups to realize their potential and improve their performance in their careers and lives by offering leadership coaching. The consultancy believes that success is subjective and aligns its objective around helping clients define their unique interpretation of success and assisting them in achieving it. They understand that individuals may at times feel unsure about their influence or tilt towards apprehensions about the future, and hence work assiduously towards providing resources and guidance to alleviate such concerns and promote self-assurance.

The services provided by the consultancy are not limited to individualistic development. They cater to various aspects of team dynamics as well. Kompass Consultancy identifies common symptoms of teams lacking direction and morale such as missed targets and disengaged employees, which may be roadblocks to achieving organizational goals. The consultancy thus seeks to empower not only individuals but also teams to adapt to the evolving demands of the workplace while maintaining and boosting morale. Their approach emphasizes the importance of the psychological aspects of people management and the necessity to give this aspect paramount attention.

A significant aspect of their work approach is active listening. The Consultancy is committed to deeply understanding their clients' goals by carefully capturing both spoken and unspoken communications. They believe in the delicate process of decoding the meanings, desires, and intents behind clients' expressions, delivering a personalized approach to cater to their unique needs and objectives.

Verdict: Kompass Consultancy seems to be a comprehensive resource for leadership coaching, career excellence, and performance improvement. Their robust and holistic approach is designed to enable individuals and teams to thrive by overcoming obstacles and adapting to changing environments, all while enhancing their self-awareness and psychological wellbeing. By keenly listening to their clients, they ensure personalized development strategies which may provide a valuable tool in navigating the world of leadership and people management.

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Kompass Consultancy
Unit No: 1454 , DMCC Business Centre, Level No 1, Jewellery & Gemplex 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
United Arab Emirates

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Phone: +971 50 1047002