Kee Safety GmbH is a reputable company that specializes in occupational safety and fall prevention. Among their wide range of industrial safety solutions are safety railings for roofs, self-closing safety doors, work platforms, and walkways. They also have solutions for anchoring and fall protection for skylights. What stands out about Kee Safety is the breadth of options for potential hazards they cater for, whether it's roof access, roof openings, or unsecured roof edges.

One of the key offerings from Kee Safety is the 'Kee Guard', a free-standing safety railing for flat roofs. This product demonstrates the company's commitment to innovation and effective solutions for safety in the workplace, especially at heights. Another notable product in the company's portfolio is the 'Kee Walk': roof walkways with integrated safety railings. This solution caters not only to safety but also to functionality on industrial sites.

For companies seeking temporary solutions, Kee Safety's 'Kee Mark' mobile chain stand could be of interest. It offers flexibility and ease of use for sites with changing needs. Their 'Kee Kwik' safety railing kit offers another flexible solution, enabling companies to customize their own safety railings in-house.

Beyond railings and walkways, Kee Safety also provides options like 'Kee Gate' self-closing safety doors and 'Kee Pivot' pallet gates. These are safety-enhancing options for workplaces with a need for high safety gates or partition doors.

Kee Safety also tackles unique safety challenges like crossing over obstacles with the 'Kee Step' roof crossing and mini-crossing products. Companies needing custom-sized work platforms can consider Kee Safety's 'Kee Platform', which the company will tailor to their specific needs.

Finally, Kee Safety caters to another critical industrial safety area: fall arrest systems. The 'Kee Line' rope safety system and the 'Kee Track' rigid rail fall arrest system are excellent examples of how they have addressed this necessity. Their 'Kee Cover' grating system further extends their fall protection portfolio.

Verdict: Kee Safety GmbH offers an extensive range of industrial safety solutions tailored for workplaces with specific safety needs. Their comprehensive approach towards danger assessment and innovative, diverse safety solutions reflect their expertise in the field. From safety gates to railings, walkways, and fall protection systems, Kee Safety continues to demonstrate a heightened commitment to occupational safety and fall prevention.

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