Kee Safety is an international, market-leading premium manufacturer of innovative collective and individual protection systems for fall protection such as our KeeGuard® roof railing, a free-standing fall protection. KeeGuard® is suitable for use on flat roofs with a roof pitch of up to 10°. Our fall protection also secures the edge without a parapet wall, attic or upstand and can be used on a wide variety of roof surfaces. The KeeGuard® product is easy to install even on a crooked or built-up roof. The advantages of KeeGuard® include a modular and safe collective protection solution, quick and easy installation, no damage to the roof membrane, 100% recyclable, compliant with DIN EN ISO 14122-3, DIN EN 13374 and DEKRA certification. Visit our website now to learn more about the use of our fall protection products, such as the use of KeeGuard® in the "ArcelorMittal trusts Kee Safety fall protection" project. A company was looking for suitable fall protection on the roof edge of their plant in Neuwied.

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