Operation Technology is a Chicago-based web design and digital marketing agency that offers a diverse range of services. These services range from digital marketing to web analytics and creative services. Their digital marketing solutions seem comprehensive, addressing areas such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid search, and retargeting management services. They also provide SEO specialized to lawyers and for different platforms, like Squarespace and Duda.

Additionally, Operation Technology offers a myriad of web and creative services that include web design, web development, WordPress design, Wix web design, and mobile app graphic design. They also provide support in the domain of content writing, catering to multiple industries.

In terms of e-commerce services, Operation Technology can assist businesses in areas like e-commerce website design, Shopify web design, WooCommerce web design, and e-commerce site migration. They also propose e-commerce SEO solutions and Shopify SEO services to further optimize the online presence of businesses involved in e-commerce.

On the social media front, the agency offers services for Facebook advertising and social media monitoring and analytics. They can be a valuable partner in managing social media presence and deciphering web interaction patterns.

Finally, the agency extends web hosting and maintenance services, which include website maintenance services, to ensure the smooth operation of their clients' websites. For industries specific services, the agency caters to markets including construction, home services, cleaning and janitorial services, industrial manufacturing, medical and healthcare, pharmaceutical, real estate, and personal services.

Although more information regarding their success rate or customer satisfaction would have been beneficial, the agency has a system in place to monitor SEO cases and website designs, making it easier for potential customers to assess their work's effectiveness.

Overall, the extensive range of services offered by Operation Technology make them a one-stop solution for businesses of all scales seeking to improve their digital presence and effectiveness.

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Operation Technology
211 W. Wacker Drive,
United States

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Phone: 773-789-8636