Accredited Call Center Services is a BPO provider based in the Philippines which offers a diverse range of call center and business processing outsourcing (BPO) services. It offers a plethora of international toll-free numbers to cater to clients from different parts of the world, ranging from the US to Australia, the UK, and locally in the Philippines.

In terms of call center services, the company provides both inbound and outbound calling services. Inbound services encompass 24/7 answering service, virtual receptionist service, phone answering service, customer support outsourcing, outsourced technical support, multilingual call center services. The company's outbound calling services focus mainly on marketing and research including telemarketing services, lead generation, appointment setting, cold calling, and outsource telesales. They also offer market research services and survey processing services.

The company also offers comprehensive BPO Services. Details include accounts receivable services and accounts payable services. In addition, back-office services and call center outsourcing services are provided. Moreover, the company expands its scope to data and community management as it offers data management services, community moderation services, and intelligent document processing. For those struggling with debt or loans, they extend debt collection services and loan processing services. Forms processing services are available.

The company also caters to different industry-specific BPO needs. These vary from HR outsourcing services to 3D rendering services, travel outsourcing services, telecom BPO services, and education process outsourcing services. Certain industries can make direct use of these services: Healthcare BPO Support Services, Legal Outsourcing Services, BPO Real Estate Services, and Retail Outsourcing Services. E-commerce businesses can benefit from eCommerce Outsourcing Services and Mobile App Customer Support.

To sum up, Accredited Call Center Services holds a prominent place as a call center and business process outsourcing services provider. With its wide array of services spanning from marketing and customer support to financial, legal, healthcare, educational, and more, it caters to businesses of diverse domains and needs. It provides its services 24/7, ensuring consistent support for its clients. The company's comprehensive offerings and industry-specific solutions suggest its versatility and commitment to meeting diverse business needs.

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Magellan Solutions
100 Old Country Road Suite H,
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Phone: +1 800 371 6224