SFM is a company that offers services in the domain of company formation and registration. They provide corporate services to clients worldwide, assisting them through the intricate process of establishing a new enterprise. They focus on providing their visitors with an enhanced user experience on their website, leveraging cookies to augment functionality and improve browsing. They encourage visitors to tailor their cookie preferences to ensure optimal user experience.

However, SFM clearly mentions that its services don't include tax or legal advice. The guidance provided by SFM should not deter site visitors from seeking professional advice from a tax or legal advisor in their respective countries. The content present on SFM's website and its subdomains is simply intended to educate the users about the services that SFM offers. They do not purport to relieve visitors of their responsibility to seek competent legal or tax counselling.

The business ethos of SFM seems to prioritize improved functionality and customer experience, alongside clear, direct communication about the scope and nature of their services. SFM's website employs cookie technology to attain these goals.

Overall, SFM provides corporate service solutions to aid in company formation and registration, while maintaining a user-friendly web environment. They make it a point to clarify that they are not a substitute for professional tax or legal advice, hence urging users to consult with professionals in these areas. Their website utilizes cookies to facilitate enhanced functionality and browsing experience, encouraging users to customize their cookie settings according to their preferences for an optimal user interface.

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