Career Coaching Pro is a career coaching platform that offers an array of services intended to support the growth and development of individuals, businesses, and coaches. The business prides itself on extending a significant introductory offer: a generous 10% discount to new clients, a perk that certainly sets an inviting tone for those considering seeking its expertise.

The platform's founder, Carmelina Piedra, MDes, is not only a certified career coach but is also an executive innovation coach and facilitator. Boasting recognition from Forbes, the credibility of both Piedra and her platform is readily established.

For individuals looking to either find an ideal role or to excel, be recognized and promoted in their current position, Career Coaching Pro offers options such as one-on-one personalized coaching, group sessions, and video courses. The focus here is on the personal and professional advancement of the individual, with the underlying aim of increasing both satisfaction and salary.

Turning to businesses, improved employee engagement appears to be the cornerstone of Career Coaching Pro's offering. Through programs and workshops such as Invest and Retain, and Outplacement Services, businesses are assisted in not only improving productivity but also in identifying innovative gaps and problem-solving. The platform also offers support in terms of redeploying employees and assisting with career transition services.

For coaches seeking to establish their own businesses and grow, Career Coaching Pro provides guidance on increasing leads and sales, a unique branch of business growth not frequently addressed by similar services. This is a valuable offering, hinting at a comprehensive understanding of the multi-faceted nature of success within the coaching industry.

In addition to these core services, the platform boasts an intriguing feature: video courses designed to assist individuals grappling with the intricacies of networking which, as Career Coaching Pro points out, can have a 70-80% success rate in a job search. This evidences a recognition of the various channels through which career success can be achieved, and an intention to guide individuals towards mastering these.

In sum, Career Coaching Pro presents itself as a multi-faceted platform, with a comprehensive range of services spanning individual career guidance, business improvement strategies, and coach business start-up and growth. With an established reputation and an arsenal of resources at its disposal, Career Coaching Pro holds the potential to be a valuable ally for career-driven individuals, businesses seeking productivity enhancement, and budding career coaches.