Epoxy Flooring Fort Myers and Garage Floor Coatings is a business that specializes in the installation and replacement of various types of epoxy floors. Their services include Epoxy Floor Installation, Epoxy Floor Replacement, and also cater to Commercial, Garage, Industrial, and Residential epoxy flooring needs. Additionally, they also provide specific types of epoxy floors, including Flooring Flake Epoxy Floor, Metallic Epoxy Floor, Quartz Epoxy Floor, and Solid Epoxy Floor.

The business also offers a lifetime warranty of 25 years on their services, showcasing their confidence in their ability to deliver reliable and durable flooring solutions. They have a team of experts with years of experience, ensuring high-quality standard service each time.

Potential customers can navigate through their menu items and request a quote or even book a free consultation, making it easy to acquire their services. The business is also contactable via their provided phone numbers and emails, offering easy accessibility for inquiries or other business-related concerns.

Epoxy Flooring Fort Myers and Garage Floor Coatings provides a multitude of colors for their epoxy flooring solutions, allowing for client customization and hence catering to their unique needs. The company showcases its offerings through its gallery, enabling potential customers to visualize how these flooring solutions fit their requirements.

In conclusion, Epoxy Flooring Fort Myers and Garage Floor Coatings is a comprehensive solution provider for all epoxy flooring needs. Whether you're looking for an epoxy flooring solution for your commercial space, your garage, an industrial setting, or your residence, this business caters to a wide variety of needs with an array of epoxy flooring options to choose from. Furthermore, with the added peace of mind provided by their 25-year lifetime warranty, this business offers a reliable and robust solution for all epoxy flooring requirements.

Business address

Apex Epoxy Flooring of Fort Myers
12557 New Brittany Blvd. #24E,
Fort Myers,
United States

Contact details

Phone: (239) 893-9424