Wakeford Law Firm is a dedicated legal service, with a special focus on personal injury cases. Based in San Francisco, the firm provides a comprehensive range of services, including cases related to bus, bicycle, car, and truck accidents, amongst others. The team at Wakeford also specializes in dealing with injuries from accidents involving electric scooters and pedestrians. They handle cases of wrongful death, DUI accidents, slip and fall incidents, and child injuries too.

Under the leadership of Wesley Wakeford, the team is composed of experienced trial lawyers who are passionate about advocating for their clients. They endeavor to secure the best possible outcome for their clients, striving to attain the maximum settlement for their claims.

Wakeford Law Firm extends its services to all of the Bay Area. They are recognized for their consistent record of delivering quality results for their clients. The firm is not only committed to helping injured clients receive the compensation they deserve but is also dedicated to providing the best legal representation possible.

Accessibility is also an aspect of service at Wakeford Law Firm. They offer potential clients the opportunity to request a consultation or get in touch via phone call, demonstrating a streamline approach to initial contact. They also provide a scholarship for those interested.

Verdict: Wakeford Law Firm is dedicated to fighting for the rights of accident victims throughout the Bay Area. With its wide range of practice areas, experienced legal team, and commitment to client satisfaction, Wakeford Law Firm serves as a reliable option for those seeking strong representation for their personal injury cases.

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Wakeford Law Firm
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San Francisco,
United States

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Phone: (415) 578-3510