Pathfinder is an investment firm specializing in ethical investments and managed funds. The company is focused on promoting a form of investment beneficial both to individual wealth and collective wellbeing. A notable aspect of Pathfinder's investment strategy is its avoidance of harmful investments and its commitment to contributing to a positive future through investment decisions.

The company offers a range of KiwiSaver Funds and Managed Funds. The KiwiSaver Funds include Growth, Balanced, and Conservative funds, catering to a variety of investment risk appetites. The Managed Funds on offer have various investment focal points, including ethical growth, trans-Tasman interests, global responsibility, properties, water resources, and green bonds. The company also provides a service to help prospective investors determine which fund is suitable for their needs.

Pathfinder has a socially responsible perspective on investing. Unlike traditional investment firms that only focus on the financial outcome, Pathfinder prioritizes choosing companies that generate positive impacts such as renewable energy, healthcare, technology, and community housing. The company is dedicated to not only avoiding harm but actively encouraging progress.

Pathfinder also offers an array of resources for both existing and prospective investors. These resources provide detailed information about their investment strategies, processes, definitions of terms like fossil fuels, frequently asked questions, and calculators. The firm has been recognized for its ethical investing approach while still providing solid returns to its investors.

Overall, Pathfinder presents an investment strategy focused on ethical and socially responsible decisions. By choosing to invest in companies offering positive social and environmental benefits, the company aligns itself with investors who prioritize more than just financial returns. Through its variety of funds and resources, Pathfinder tangibly demonstrates how investment can contribute not only to personal wealth, but also to collective wellbeing and a healthier planet.

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Pathfinder Asset Management
PwC Tower, Level 37/15 Customs Street West,
Auckland CBD,
New Zealand
New Zealand

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Phone: 0221858171