This is the story of how 5 brothers, a family of Jewish immigrants from Lithuania, founded in 1922 a company, Edison Brothers Stores, which was one of the leading retailers in the United States from the 1930s through the 1980s, before a precipitous decline in the 1990s. Edison Brothers was for more than 40 years the largest retailer of footwear in the United States. Some of their retail brands included: Chandlers, Bakers, Leeds, Burts, Oaktree, Jeans West, 5-7-9 Shops, Joan Bari, Wild Pair, Fashion Conspiracy, Repp Big & Tall, Handyman Hardware and United Sporting Goods. Edison also owned Dave & Buster's for several year, which survived Edison's bankruptcy and went on to become independently successful.

Business address

St. Louis,
United States