The Harvard Business Review (HBR) is a comprehensive platform that provides a wealth of information, insights, and advice for leaders in various fields. It offers a well-arranged layout with clear navigation that makes it easy to explore and access the plethora of content available. The HBR interface is user-friendly, rendering it an expedient tool for anyone seeking leadership and management customs and principles.

One of HBR's primary features is its vast range of topics that include leadership, strategy, managing teams, work-life balance, gender, innovation, and self-management. This wide spectrum of subjects allows users to delve deep into topics of their interest, subsequently expanding their knowledge and developing their capabilities. The Large number of information available on each topic ensures that visitors get a comprehensive understanding of their chosen subject.

Moreover, Harvard Business Review also offers multiple formats of content including, among others, podcasts, webinars, and videos. The different types ensure that users with varied preferences can all find something suitable, whether they prefer reading, listening, or watching. A unique feature is 'The Big Idea,' which effectively challenges conventional wisdom by offering innovative thoughts and micro-theories.

The platform further includes a section known as 'Data and Visuals', which presents complex and detailed data in simplified, engaging visual formats that facilitate comprehension. It also provides case selections and reading lists, proving to be useful resources for those who want to research or explore a topic more extensively.

HBR also features an online store, where users can purchase books and other related resources. It includes an e-commerce setup and displays a shopping cart to facilitate the buying process for users. Especially for subscribers, HBR provides tailored content and features such as personalized topic feeds, reading list history, and account settings.

One noteworthy limitation of HBR, however, is that it requires subscription for comprehensive access to its contents. While a lot of information can be found without a subscription, the full range of features is accessible only to subscribers, which may limit some from taking full advantage of the platform.

In conclusion, Harvard Business Review is an invaluable hub of information, insights, and learning resources for leaders, managers, and business enthusiasts. Its user-friendly layout, diverse topics, varied content formats, and focus on innovation make it a popular choice for individuals aiming for professional growth. However, the subscription model may limit the comprehensive access to all its features.