Adelante is a provider of comprehensive credit and debit card payment solutions. Their key offering, the Adelante ConnectPay payment gateway, encompasses an extensive range of payment methods. The system is designed to work across various platforms, enabling businesses to accept payments online, over the phone, on smartphones, or via an integrated chip and PIN option. It also comes equipped with an automated telephone payment solution and a recurring card payment module.

Adelante's payment solutions also extend to various sectors. It has tailored offerings for call centers, taxi trade, bailiffs and debt collectors, direct sales, retailers, charities, universities, and local government institutions. Each sector-specific solution is customized to meet unique industry-related payment needs. Notably, the company also maintains PCI compliance, adhering to industry-standard security protocols to ensure safe transactions.

Additional resources are available to Adelante clients. The company provides support and has a knowledge base that includes resources such as case studies, PCIDSS brochures, and FAQs. They also provide information about the new European PSD2 Law, further facilitating their clients' understanding of changing payment processes and regulations.

In the wake of COVID-19, the company has released specific updates, ensuring seamless operations during changing circumstances. Adelante also provides a SmartPay bank reconciliation feature, showcasing their attention to detail in handling payment intricacies, and their investment in a smooth and efficient customer experience.

Many of Adelante's products are compatible with multiple devices, further enhancing their reach and usability. Clients, for instance, can use card machines that are countertop, mobile, or portable PDQ machines. They also offer different payment types, including online payments, automated telephone payments, and smartphone payments.

In essence, Adelante is a comprehensive provider of credit and debit card payment solutions with a wide range of offerings that cater to multiple sectors and platforms. Their commitment to security, extensive support resources, and adaptability to change make them an effective solution for businesses looking to simplify and streamline the payment process.

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Adelante Software Limited
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United Kingdom

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Phone: 01628 820500