Art Renewal Center (ARC) is a non-profit, educational foundation focused on the revival of realism in the visual arts. It operates under a 501(c)(3) status and offers a diverse range of services and resources. ARC functions as a host for the largest online museum dedicated to representational art, showcasing works from old masters, 19th-century, and 21st-century artists.

In addition to its online museum, ARC offers a broad array of written and multimedia content. This includes articles, letters, videos, and podcasts, all aimed at educating and engaging those interested in representational art. Various languages are accommodated to facilitate global access, including English, Italiano, French, Deutsch, Spanish, Indonesian, Russian, and Chinese.

ARC provides the unique service of vetting representational art schools. This ensures the teaching curricula and quality of instruction and student work meet the ARC's high standards for approval. Beyond this, ARC also offers opportunities for artists and schools to get affiliated and recognized.

Moreover, ARC organizes the ARC Salon Competition, boasting its status as the most prestigious and significant competition in the world for representational art. This competition provides a platform for artists to gain international recognition and widespread exposure.

Among its other initiatives, ARC offers scholarships, grants, and a book on the renowned artist Bouguereau. All of these elements reinforce ARC's overall mission: to foster the continued growth and recognition of representational art.

Overall, the Art Renewal Center represents a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in representational art, be they artists, enthusiasts, educators, or students. Its numerous offerings and initiatives create a dynamic hub for the promotion and appreciation of realism in the visual arts.