Candid Wedding Photography and Videography in London, UK is a business that specializes in providing photography and videography services for weddings. The business takes pride in their unique approach to capturing unposed and authentic moments during the event.

Their skilled photographers and videographers are known for their documentary wedding photography, presenting the couple's special day in a form of visual narrative. Their style can be described as a mix of reportage and street photography, focusing on capturing real, candid, and sometimes humorous moments. They also offer family photography and studio photography services.

In addition to photography, the business offers videography services. Their videographers have an approach similar to their photographers, focusing on preserving genuine moments in film. Aspects such as 'video approach' and 'video testimonials' indicate a deliberate effort to thrill their client base with top-notch film output.

Candid Wedding Photography and Videography also takes pride in their attention to customer feedback. This is evident from the fact they have dedicated sections for photo and video testimonials on their website. Such a provision indicates an effort to bring transparency and build trust with prospective clients.

The company doesn't restrict its services to photo and video production; they also offer training in photography and videography. Providing such a service can be seen as a move towards not only expanding their service portfolio but also empowering interested individuals with relevant skills in this field.

Furthermore, they have sections on their website to showcase the latest news, blog articles, and numerous resources. These include an art gallery and shop suggesting an interest in promoting art as well as events like talks and awards which indicates their engagement with the wider photography and videography community.

However, the mention of 'Ambassadors' is vague and might require further exploration or enquiry from interested parties to comprehend fully. They also offer an 'About' section detailing approach and ethos for potential customers looking to understand more about their working philosophy.

Overall, Candid Wedding Photography and Videography is a multi-faceted business providing a wide range of services related to photography and videography. Their offerings go beyond the traditional concept of a photography business, serving not only as content creators but also as a resource center and training hub.

Business address

York Place Studios
78 York Street,
Greater London
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 01723 377790