UGallery is an online platform committed to making original artworks accessible to a wider audience. Offering a seamless online shopping experience, customers have the choice to navigate through a broad selection of artworks. Additionally, a key feature of UGallery's service is Free Shipping for all artwork within the contiguous United States. This allows customers to enjoy access to a diverse range of art without incurring shipping fees, which is especially beneficial for those purchasing larger pieces.

The company also provides a flexible Seven-Day Free Returns policy. Customers are allowed to return artwork if it doesn't quite fit their space within a week from receiving the order. UGallery will then issue a refund solely for the price of the art. However, it should be emphasized that all returned artwork must be packaged in its original packaging, with the company covering return shipping for art pieces measuring no more than 50 inches on the longest side. Any artwork exceeding this size are subject to a return shipping fee of $300. This policy might add significant expenses for customers who had initially purchased larger pieces and subsequently chosen to return them.

A unique feature of UGallery is its broad variety of mediums and styles on offer. From oil and acrylic paintings to watercolor and encaustic artworks, a wide range of preferences can be catered to. In terms of style, the platform offers everything from classical and contemporary to abstract and minimalistic. With such diversity, UGallery has made it easy for customers to find art that resonates with their personal taste, making the platform a flexible and convenient choice for a broad swath of art lovers.

UGallery also organizes artworks according to subjects such as animals, architecture, nature, and more. This category-based system aids customers in easily finding artwork in their areas of interest. Other categories include size, so whether customers are looking for smaller pieces under 2 feet or larger pieces over 5 feet, they can readily find an appropriate selection.

In conclusion, UGallery is a comprehensive platform that provides access to a broad range of original artworks. With benefits such as free shipping, seven-day free returns, and a vast selection diversified by medium, style, subject, and size, it serves as a go-to source for art enthusiasts across the United States. However, customers outside the contiguous United States and those considering larger artworks should bear in mind the potential shipping and return costs.