Incompetech, primarily known for Custom Production Music and Graph Paper, also hosts a unique, user-friendly platform - The Smart-Ass Guide to Art. The guide, originally a weekend hobby project turned into a significant digital resource, has a personality that diverges from typical academic pretentiousness, aiming to be both academic and entertaining. It stands as a testament that educational material about art does not necessarily need to be overly complex to be beneficial.

The Smart-Ass Guide to Art combines intriguing details about an array of artists that the creator finds essential, exciting, or unconventional. Its purpose extends beyond solely presenting information: it tackles details about how these artists' works have been either mirrored or appropriated in pop culture, effectively bridging the gap between academia and popular knowledge. The tone of the site is approachable, ensuring that it remains accessible to its users without adopting an elitist attitude generally associated with the art world.

The compilation includes a wide variety of artists, ranging from Edgar Degas and James Ensor to Artemisia Gentileschi and Giotto. It also features renowned figures like Picasso, Piet Mondrian, and Titian, displaying a broad spectrum of artists that users can explore. This wide range makes the guide suitable for many types of users, from those casually interested in art to those seeking more detailed academic knowledge.

The site's creator not only used his meticulous research in compiling this guide, but also suggests additional reading materials. Recommended texts include H.W. Janson's History of Art and Art Through the Ages by De La Croix and Company, emphasizing the creator's dedication to education and thoroughness. These additional suggested readings expand beyond the digital guide, further enriching the user's knowledge and insight.

Finally, while Incompetech might not be primarily known for its art educational resources, The Smart-Ass Guide to Art is a valuable asset in its catalog. By promoting an entertaining academic approach, it helps demystify the art world and brings it closer to a wider audience. This innovative guide is an important tool for anyone wanting to explore or understand the dimensions of art without unnecessary complexity.