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Visual Arts Web Directory

The visual arts have been the basis for the fields of the Arts and Humanities throughout time. Painting, drawing and sculpture are the most agreed upon subjects, while modern technology has expanded this description to include printing, writing, graphic design and motion pictures among others. Modern art has broadened our definition of art, so that even graffiti can be consider among the visual arts.

Visual arts directory

Visual arts have changed forms greatly in the last two thousand years. Public opinion has influence the visual arts perhaps more than any other art form. Visual art is in your face, you see it and talk about it and share it. Visual art is perhaps one of the most important art forms because it communicates so well. Visual art has always been one of the most lasting forms of expression throughout time. Shape, form, color and texture help to define our world, and as visual being we understand our world by what we see more than any other means. Visual art takes advantage of this, using our understanding of the world to speak to us.

Artists have used the visual arts for centuries to communicate ideas and thoughts. Some have been obvious, some have been discreet. No matter how an artist, or what an artist chooses to say through visual art, the message is the same. Visual art speaks to us, it says things people dare not say and shows us thing we would never think.

It is said that a picture or a painting is worth more than a thousand words. It is true, because sometimes you can tell an entire story through visual arts, especially when it comes to photography. You just immortalize a moment and allow the visitor to create his own version of the story based on that photograph. This is why artists are so attracted to visual arts, they can express their thoughts and feelings just the way they want to, without any restraints.

Nowadays, in the branch of visual arts that consists in paintings, painters use a special technique that creates the impression that you are being followed by the person portrayed in the painting. This is only one of the many proves that visual arts have become very complex and have evolved a lot since the cave paintings, said to be the first form of visual art. This web directory is meant to help artists from the field of visual art, providing them all the information they need. If you are looking for a place where you would like to hold an exhibition related to visual arts such as photography, this is the right place to do it.

We offer you high quality information regarding locations, as well as other services related to advertising in order to attract more people that are interested in visual arts and make them take part at your gallery.

Visual art explores our boundaries and defines our world. Classical art (fine art) has always been defined by the three major visual arts since ancient Greece. The visual arts have continued to inspired, to enrich and to expand our modern world. From the earliest history of visual arts such as the cave painting in Lascaux France, to everyday commercials on TV, you can find detailed information and links regarding the visual arts within this directory.

History, research and news are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the visual arts. If you're a visual artist, you can find the resource you need to develop your work here. From galleries to paint suppliers to community message boards this web directory is your tool to connect to the art world.

The Visual arts are a means of communication, from photographs to paintings; artists from around the world express their ideas and opinions through the visual arts, and enrich the world around us. As an artist, or art lover this web directory can serve all your needs.