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  • Gypsy Folk Ensemble
    A professional world dance performing company providing programs for schools, libraries, parties and corporate events in Los Angeles and other areas in Southern California.

  • Haines His Way EP
    Offers news and information from Bruce Kimmel and Guy Haines. Also features information about the Broadway Radio Hour hosted by Donald Feltham.

  • It's Behind You! EP
    The website provides details about the uniquely British tradition of pantomime, including history, galleries, and current shows.

  • KidActors EP
    The website addresses young talents in particular. Actors information source including resumes from popular child actors, acting career guide, and message board.

  • Kultural Fusion
    A teaching-oriented company that offers prospective performance artists with a medium to learn, share and experience different art forms. Their domains are: Story telling, African dance, drums, folk songs and chanting, street jazz and gospel singing.

  • Lava
    A performing arts show done exclusively by women acrobats, trapeze artists and dancers. Founded in 2000 by Sarah East Johnson, the troupe's shows focuses on athletic physicality, social commentary, and relationship exploration.

  • Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
    The world-renowned Lincoln Center situated in Manhattan, New York, offers its visitors 29 indoor and outdoor performance facilities and a diverse selection of shows. The website features ticket purchase information and schedules of upcoming shows.

  • Manteye
    Toronto, ON based artist featuring original blues and country-infused pop-rock.

  • Merce Cunningham Trust EP
    Official website of the pioneer in modern dance tactics. Site includes repertoire, class schedules, and performance schedule.

  • Musician's Friend
    Online store where musicians can purchase instruments and sound equipment. Offers a large selection of instruments, amps, speakers, and other accessories.

  • My Acting Agent EP
    Offers a complete and free step-by-step plan for actors to find an agent and get auditions and roles.

  • New York City Ballet EP
    Official website that provides access to schedules, repertoire, trivia, and dancers bios.

  • North Shore Center for The Performing Arts
    Situated on Chicago's North Shore, the center is a two theater complex destined to provide provide cultural, literary and educational programs. All performing arts are featured and it is aimed at people of all ages.

  • Oh My Gosh!
    The website offers information on various classes for aspiring performance artists. Schedules and information on how to register are available.

  • On the Boards & in the Wings EP
    The resource represents a column on live theatre, with backstage gossip, current Broadway and London news, and tour information.

  • Pacific Northwest Ballet EP
    Features artistic season information, as well as detailed dancer profiles, photo gallery, outreach and education programs, and more.

  • Personalized Song 4 U
    A musical service allowing users to create their own personalized song or request the help of professional musicians. Each song created is written and performed by real musicians.

  • Playdatabase EP
    Users can search and find plays and monologues by cast size, run time, and more. Learn more about each play and its author.

  • Reverbnation: Freerider
    Reverbnation profile of the rock band Freerider, with free downloads of their music and links to their blog and social media presence.

  • San Francisco Ballet EP
    Provides details about San Francisco Ballet performances, tickets process and performance schedules, as well as educational programs.

  • Shira EP
    Offers information about belly dance, hira, Troupe Wasila, and The Veiled Threats to those who want to pursue a career in this field.

  • Talent Pages EP
    Offers services for actors, casting directors, managers, agents, directors, and producers. Users can sign up for auditions and casting calls worldwide.

  • TalentJug EP
    Offers listings of current casting calls and open auditions for actors, models, singers, and dancers.

  • Talkin' Broadway EP
    Features a range of articles and offers discussions about all types of musical and dramatic theater including Broadway history, cast recordings, interviews with actors, and more.

  • The Actor's Checklist EP
    Helps acting enthusiasts organize their steps to launch a performing arts career, with pages covering agents, auditions, casting, head-shots, resumes, finding work, and more.

  • The Actors Studio EP
    Offers detailed information about the history and pogrammes provided by the school founded by Lee Strasberg.

  • The Internet Theatre Database EP
    As the name of the website implies, the resource is a searchable archive of theater past, present, and future - a place where artists can come for advice and tips.

  • The WWW Virtual Library for Theatre and Drama EP
    Offers various resources in more than 50 countries around the world for professionals, amateurs, academics, and students.

  • Todo Tango EP
    Offers news and information about musicians, poets, singers and the history of tango. Addresses professional dancers and enthusiasts alike.

  • United States Institute for Theatre Technology
    Online resource geared toward the theatre technicians that work behind the scenes such as lighting, design, production,sound, and architecture. Provides a source for information and networking. Promotes the importance of these rarely seen technicians. Offers ideas, news, events, and various membership benefits including information on awards and grants.

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