AntiGravity Entertainment is a company specializing in the provision of unique forms of entertainment services. They put an emphasis on aerial, acrobatic, and gravity-defying performances, as per the information available on its website. With substantial online presence, they manage to create a certain air of excitement and fascination around their services.

The company prides itself on its professional approach to entertainment. The repertoire of past performances as seen through the photos and videos on their website, indicates a wide range of skills amongst the performers. Images and videos of the performances display a high level of athleticism and precision, demonstrating the quality that one can expect from their services.

Designed by NMN, the AntiGravity Entertainment's website is user-friendly and comprehensive. It features a well-organized, intuitive layout that facilitates seamless navigation. The website design itself is quite polished and modern, reflecting the contemporary style of the company. The content is copyrighted, speaking to the originality of their performances and content.

AntiGravity Entertainment also leverages social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for their communications and promotional activities. The active presence on these platforms indicates a willingness to engage with their audience in diverse ways. With its services and customer engagement, AntiGravity looks committed to their craft.

To summarise, AntiGravity Entertainment appears to offer an interesting and unique twist to traditional entertainment services. Their focus on acrobatic feats reveals a niche expertise. Documentation in the form of photos and videos substantiates their claim of providing high-quality entertainment. The engaging and comprehensive website adds to the overall professionalism of the company. Therefore, whether you're a potential client interested in hiring unusual entertainers or simply an enthusiast of extraordinary performances, AntiGravity Entertainment may prove to be of interest.