It's Behind You Dot Com endeavors to showcase and celebrate the enchanting world of pantomime through its digital platform. Nonetheless, the site's efficiency and accessibility prove to be east of satisfactory since it uses framing technology not universally supported by all web browsers. Consequently, a significant number of users might encounter difficulties accessing the content due to this dated design approach.

The name of the site, with its whimsical play on a famous pantomime catchphrase, immediately signifies its niche. It aptly sets the expectation of visitors for content about the charming, boisterous world of pantomime. This specificity is a strength of the site, providing a dedicated platform for pantomime enthusiasts a niche largely underrepresented in the digital realm. However, given its technical limitations, not everyone can immerse themselves in the promised Magic of Pantomime.

The website would greatly benefit from an updated, more universal design for it to accommodate a wider range of browsers. Understandably, a design upgrade might be a significant endeavor, considering the site's apparent commitment to nostalgically preserving the traditional pantomime spirit. Still, a successful platform should strike a balance between honoring its roots and adapting to the evolving digital environment.

Conversely, the utilization of frames might be viewed as an intentional design choice, reflecting the traditional characteristics of the pantomime (such as the proscenium arch stage). The frame could symbolize this boundary, enforcing a sense of nostalgic loyalty to the art form. However, if this is the case, such symbolic subtlety is overshadowed by the practical inaccessibility it leads to. A clear communication regarding such a design choice could bridge the gap.

Overall, the concept behind It's Behind You Dot Com is ambitious and laudable, offering a unique experience to users. Its dedication to underscoring and celebrating the art of pantomime is impressive, yet some technical shortcomings decrease the site's accessibility and overall user experience. With a few modernizing alterations, the site could open the Magic of Pantomime to a broader, more inclusive audience, without deterring from its nostalgic charm - ultimately significantly improving its warming appeal.