Merce Cunningham Trust is an organization that promotes the legacy of Merce Cunningham, focusing on preserving and making his work accessible. The Trust has several initiatives under its belt which include professional and educational licensing, fellowships, and supported projects.

One of the Trust's significant offerings is its rich collection of Merce Cunningham's work. Identified under 'The Work,' this includes an extensive overview of choreography carried out by the artist, media displays of his work, practice techniques, and writings. The Trust also maintains archives that contain selected readings and dance capsules, providing viewers with an in-depth understanding of Cunningham's work.

Aside from its curation, Merce Cunningham Trust holds a broad spectrum of activities. These include regular classes and workshops aimed at educating interested individuals about dance. The Trust hosts a calendar of these activities, which makes it easier for individuals to track and participate in them. In addition, the Trust has initiatives to support talent within the dance industry through Fellowships and Supported Projects as well as the Barbara Ensley Award.

Merce Cunningham Trust is currently inviting applications for the 2024 Barbara Ensley Award, which is presumably part of their effort to identify and aid talent. The Trust is also leveraging online platforms, with works such as 'August Pace:1989-2019' being available on OVID as part of its Dance Collection from October 10.

Moreover, the Trust serves as a platform to appreciate the achievements of Merce Cunningham, with a specific section dedicated to 'Performance History.' It captures the entire journey of his career and the various performances he has given.

Engagement with the audience is another area that the Trust emphasizes on. The section 'Night of 100 Solos Memories' seems to provide an opportunity for individuals to share their experiences and memories of Cunningham's work.

In conclusion, Merce Cunningham Trust is a comprehensive hub for existing and aspiring artists in the dance industry. It appears to provide valuable resources related to Merce Cunningham's work and techniques. It also offers educational opportunities and supports the growth of talent within the industry through its various initiatives and awards.