The City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) continues to be a champion in nurturing the art of contemporary dance in Hong Kong. Offering a stunning lineup for the 2023-24 dance season, CCDC underscores its commitment to bring quality and innovative performances to audiences locally and internationally.

A key feature of CCDC's offerings is its notable international dance film festival, Jump Grid. In addition, the City Contemporary Dance Festival stands as a flagship event, showcasing a selection of their best choreographic works. With a strong emphasis on education and training, CCDC consistently pushes for growth and development in the dance industry.

The company caters to aspiring dancers through its various school programs and specialized training for juniors in both elementary and secondary levels. The youth dance development program, , and the 2022 Choreography Nurturing Scheme are a testament to CCDC's devotion to developing promising talents.

Moreover, CCDC's portfolio extends into the academic field with its numerous research and development initiatives. The company collaborates on research projects with established institutions like the University of Hong Kong Behavioral Health Teaching Research Centre. They also facilitate platforms for dance research and development, including a contemporary dance research award scheme and a pioneering educational research program in cooperation with the Salem Garden School.

Aside from their intense dance training and creative performances, CCDC provides an array of dance courses, encompassing both general dance classes and children's dance classes. The curriculum includes dance diaries, flexible package options, and student discounts, making dance accessible to a wider audience.

CCDC clearly values community involvement, encouraging support through its sponsorship and partnership programs. They also offer a unique membership scheme Dance Spirit, inviting patrons to partake in the cultivation of local artistry.

All these initiatives align with CCDC's mission of promoting the growth of contemporary dance in Hong Kong. As a central hub for artists and dance enthusiasts, the company exhibits transparency through their annual reports and the availability of staff vacancies on their page.

Overall, the City Contemporary Dance Company proves to be a dynamic and inclusive organization, passionate about expanding the landscape of contemporary dance in Hong Kong. Through their comprehensive programs and initiatives, they continue to uphold their aspirations, further solidifying their place in the locale's artistic narrative.