BroadwayStars is a resource dedicated to providing updated Broadway news on a regular basis, specifically, updates every five minutes. The website offers a rich blend of content revolving around the Broadway scene. Its homepage offers a range of sub-sections including a stage for today's date, a section dedicated to Broadway Baby Birthdays mentioning celebrities such as Mark Haddon, and Victoria Mack amongst others. It also presents a continuous influx of Broadway related headlines, on subjects such as The Broadway Show hosted by Tamsen Fadal, and trailers for various theatre productions like The Woman in Black.

One of the notable highlights of is its user-friendly interface which caters to those who have an account with them or also those visiting via social media platforms such as Facebook. The site also supports a password protected login and offers an opportunity to register, allowing users to personalise their online Broadway news experience. This, coupled with its ease of navigation, can provide a user friendly experience. However, it is worth noting that the site appears to be heavily laden with headlines which could potentially be overwhelming for a first-time visitor.

A new and notable feature of BroadwayStars is its focus on visual content of theatre productions and interviews. Links to YouTube video content appears prevalent; arguably contributing to an interactive, engaging experience for the user. A notable video content piece was Tamsen Fadal's sit-down with Tony award winner James Monroe Iglehart. This gives an exclusive insight into the world of Broadway, filled with personal anecdotes and experiences. Other video contents include trailers and testimonials of theatre productions, thereby enriching the visitors' overall experience.

Interestingly, BroadwayStars links its content to other external media sources as well, showcasing a comprehensive approach towards news gathering. For instance, BroadwayStars includes a feature on The Broadway Show, a nationally syndicated weekly theatre news program. Such cross-platform integration broadens the site's range of content, although, it may also diffuse the site's brand identity given the plethora of external sources cited.

In conclusion, BroadwayStars presents as an exhaustive Broadway news portal that not only provides constant updates but goes a step further by providing exclusive interviews, direct calls to action such as registration and login facilities, and video content from external platforms. This integration creates a rich, inclusive experience for users. However, the sheer abundance of information might be overwhelming for newcomers, and the site's brand identity might become blurred due to its extensive reliance on external sources. Despite these minor limitations, BroadwayStars undoubtedly stands as a comprehensive go-to resource for fans eager for the latest in the world of Broadway.