Intermediaarts is a one-stop-shop online platform dedicated to art enthusiasts. With a focus on providing art supplies and offering practical information through their blog, it offers an extensive range of items including art markers, pens, erasers, papers, and paints. The genesis story of Intermediaarts is rooted in the personal experiences of its founders, Leilani Carroll, an artist, and writer and Eveline Kessler, a content creator. The founders' shared passion for art is clearly reflected in the service they provide.

Carroll's inspiration to start Intermediaarts came from her younger sister's desire to draw and blend colors, indicating a foundation built on promoting creative pursuits. Leilani, along with Kessler, brings her experience and love for colors and arts to the table. Part of their job at Intermediaarts is to test new products and techniques, providing users with unbiased reviews and useful tips. This approach allows customers to make informed decisions when purchasing products.

Intermediaarts' most significant feature is its array of informative content that enriches the experience of its users. The platform hosts a blog where the founders share their thoughts and expertise about various topics related to art. On September 28, 2023, Intermediaarts released a review on '7 Best Markers for Poster Board Creations,' an interesting read for those needing markers for their poster board artwork. They also delve into the debate of 'Black Ink vs Blue Ink,' offering insights into the best choice of ink for different situations.

Another valuable post on the blog discusses is based on a seemingly simple topic - 'What is the Length of a Pencil? With posts like these, users gain practical, focused knowledge about everyday art tools and their specifications. Furthermore, Intermediaarts also runs an FAQ section, where customers can find answers to common art-related queries. This section offers quick reviews on products and debates popular topics such as 'Rollerball vs Gel Pen.'

Leveraging over a decade of experience in the field coupled with the passion and dedication of its founders, Intermediaarts continues to bridge the gap between art enthusiasts and reliable, practical knowledge. The website's mission to help users discover and nourish their artistic side speaks volumes about the founders' commitment to the cause. With a mix of sales and education, Intermediaarts is a resourceful platform for anyone with an artistic inclination.