Southern Exposure is an established organization known for its commitment towards projects and exhibitions that aim to provide a platform for artists to showcase their creativity and talent. The company operates by running numerous initiatives, including offering grants to deserving artists under their Alternative Exposure program. This program has several rounds to its credit as of September 2023, indicating its ongoing success and popularity within the artistic community.

In addition to these initiatives, Southern Exposure runs an Artists in Education program. This program appears to offer a range of opportunities to budding artists, such as sponsorship for education, mentorship during the summer, and the possibility of working with a Youth Advisory Board. The mention of internship opportunities and teaching roles also gives a clear indication of the organization's commitment towards nurturing new talent and providing practical opportunities for growth within the field.

Another notable feature of Southern Exposure is their Community Arts Internship Program. This reflects their desire to make art accessible to the wider community and to ensure that individuals from various backgrounds have the opportunity to engage with and learn from the art world.

The organization also suggests further involvement opportunities with the mention of open submissions for artists, indicating a welcoming and inclusive approach to artists who wish to showcase their work. Support systems are also in place for Southern Exposure, which allows for general donations, stock donations, and an opportunity for supporters to become members.

In terms of resources, Southern Exposure offers a range of publications, indicating its drive to keep its followers well-informed and up-to-date about the latest developments within the organization as well as within the art world at large. This, coupled with the professed transparency regarding its policies and protocols for artist compensation and Covid-19, allows for a sense of reliability and trust to be associated with the organization.

Overall, Southern Exposure appears to function as a comprehensive platform for both established and budding artists. Its emphasis on diversity, paired with its focus on community involvement and its array of resources and opportunities for artists, positions it as a significant facilitator within the art industry. By providing a platform and the necessary support for artists while simultaneously considering its ethical responsibilities, it continues to play a significant role in the art community.