Dunedin Fine Art Center is an arts institution offering a wide range of arts-related experiences for more than four decades. The main center focuses on providing exciting opportunities for people to immerse themselves in the arts, all while fostering a community spirit. The center offers art classes that cater to various age groups, from youth classes to adult classes. This emphasizes the center's intention in making art an all-encompassing experience to the community.

Apart from the main campus, the Dunedin Fine Art Center also has an Industrial Arts Campus and Cottage Campus, as well as a Palm Cafe that turns the institution not only into a center of culture, but also a dining destination.

The Dunedin Fine Art Center has implemented a unique way of keeping the art community engaged during the pandemic. Its ART of Social Distancing project includes initiatives such as virtual learning, social media groups, and video projects, creating a digital platform where the art community can interact while still observing safety health protocols.

Furthermore, on the main campus located at 1143 Michigan Blvd in Dunedin's picturesque Highlander Park, The Gallery Shop is available for art enthusiasts. Visitors can witness the extensive collection and possibly trigger their inner artist.

Teaching is also encouraged at the Dunedin Fine Art Center. The institution is regularly looking for talented instructors with innovative and creative ideas which they can impart to their students. However, prospective teachers should submit a class proposal for their initial assessment.

Overall, the Dunedin Fine Art Center is a space not only to appreciate art but also to learn it. It offers a variety of creative platforms for everyone in the community to participate and enjoy, making it more than just a typical art center. This institution is determined to stay connected and engaged with the community, even at a distance, by using innovative and adaptable methods.