The Norman Rockwell Museum is a cultural institution dedicated to the preservation and presentation of American illustration art. The museum is known for its extensive collection of works by Norman Rockwell, one of the most recognized illustrators in the US history. A prime destination for art enthusiasts, it offers various exhibitions, educational programs, and research initiatives.

One of the main attractions of the museum is Rockwell's Studio Tour. Promoted as an inside peek into the artist's personal workspace, this tour allows visitors to gain insight into the artist's process and lifestyle. Moreover, the museum regularly organizes symposiums on themes connected with the art of illustration. One of these features the intersection of illustration, puppetry, and American popular culture with a focus on the work and legacy of Tony Sarg, a notable illustrator and puppeteer.

The Norman Rockwell Museum also houses a permanent collection that includes highpoints from Rockwell's Life and Art. This exhibit gives patrons an opportunity to explore the various stages of Rockwell's career and the historical and social context of his works.

Apart from Rockwell's works, the museum has an Illustration History section, a Frank Schoonover Collection, and a Rockwell Center for American Visual Studies - all equally impressive in carrying out the museum's mission of promoting American illustration history. Plus, there is the museum's special exhibit called 'The Business of Illustrating the American Dream', which is a unique display showcasing Rockwell's depictions of the American way of life.

The museum also frequently hosts special events ranging from discussions, lectures, to workshops aimed at enriching the community's understanding of American visual culture. Visitors have the option to purchase tickets online, an advantageous feature for planning their visits in advance, saving time, and ensuring reservations.

The Museum store is another appealing feature, offering art and gifts inspired by the museum's collection. Whether the visitors are shopping in-person or online, they will find a wide array of museum-themed items to choose from.

Additionally, the museum provides various learning resources, including a curriculum lab and a library that are instrumental in serving educators and students. The institution further encourages public participation with membership options, donation drives, and a Rockwell Society planned giving program.

In conclusion, the Norman Rockwell Museum homes a rich assortment of American illustration art, supplemented with educational and community outreach activities. It continues to uphold the legacy of Norman Rockwell while imparting a deeper appreciation of the art of illustration to its visitors.