Art Gallery of NSW is a prominent institution, located on the Country of the traditional custodians, the Gadigal of the Eora Nation. The gallery is an accessible and diverse space, offering a wide range of exhibitions, events, and programs to the public. It is also known for hosting numerous events that spill over into after-hours, staying open on Wednesdays until 10pm, providing patrons with evenings filled with art, food, and drinks.

Notably, the gallery actively nurtures learning, providing a variety of learning programs and resources. From a comprehensive library and archives for research to hands-on study rooms, it facilitates academic growth and understanding of art. It caters not just to adult learners but also organizes special events and programs suited for school holidays, engaging children in a world of sound, colour, and imagination.

Special exhibitions hosted by the gallery showcase works from featured artists and include special projects like the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes, and ARTEXPRESS. Additionally, the Brett Whiteley Studio further diversifies the gallery's offering. The gallery has its own shop, offering patrons a chance to take a piece of the artistic experience home.

Regarding accessibility, the Art Gallery of NSW offers various ways for visitors to experience the gallery, including physical tours and experiences, providing an immersive art journey. For refreshments, eateries are available on premises for a delightful gastronomic experience.

The Art Gallery of NSW also emphasizes on community support and improvement. It runs a Sydney Modern Project and has a provision for corporate partnerships. The gallery's 'Annual giving and the Foundation' initiative, along with grants and fellowships, shows its commitment to fostering art and developing partnerships. Becoming a gallery member presents additional benefits and allows patrons to contribute meaningfully to the institution and its projects.

Overall, the Art Gallery of NSW is a comprehensive establishment, committed to promoting art, encouraging learning, and fostering community involvement and support. It aims to provide a well-rounded experience to its visitors, filled with exploration, enlightenment, entertainment and more.