Jackson Fine Art is an internationally recognized fine art gallery that primarily focuses on 20th century and contemporary photography. It has a 30-year history of supporting fine art photography artists and collectors, making it a important player in the art world. The gallery is known for featuring works from well-established artists like Meghann Riepenhoff, Richard Misrach, and Yamamoto Masao, underlining their commitment to contemporary photographic art.

One of the key services that Jackson Fine Art provides is that of assisting collectors in acquiring high-quality fine art photography. They work closely with both emerging and established collectors, offering them access to an impressive range of traditional and innovative photo-based works. This service clearly illustrates their dedication to promoting the entire spectrum of photographic art and making it accessible to various types of collectors.

Aside from being a hub for collectors, the gallery also announces events like exhibitions and sales. For instance, their Duet and Tomosu exhibitions both run between October 5 and December 22, 2023, showcasing a commitment to providing a platform for artists' works. Moreover, the gallery constantly evolves to cater to the ever-changing art landscape, evident in their recent announcement about their expansion and inaugural exhibition.

In addition to its primary function of exhibiting and selling fine art photography, Jackson Fine Art also provides a range of ancillary services. It has a dedicated secondary market team that offers valuation and selling assistance for individual works or entire collections, thus facilitating collectors who wish to divest. Additionally, the gallery also provides curating, managing collections, framing, and installing services, further offering added value to their clients.

Jackson Fine Art also diversifies away from the traditional means of reaching its audience, notably through its online presence and mobile application. Their online viewing rooms and app provide convenient channels for potential buyers to explore and purchase their offerings from virtually anywhere. The gallery also maintains an active social media presence, particularly on Instagram, where they share updates on their current exhibition, private collection salon, and sale.

Verdict: Jackson Fine Art is a well-established fine art photography gallery that offers a wide range of services to artists and collectors alike. Its commitment to showcasing traditional and contemporary photographic works, coupled with its provision of comprehensive art services, make it a respected institution in the fine art world.