The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) offers a robust array of experiences and opportunities for exploration for both art lovers and the general public. Their offerings extend across numerous formats and platforms, from traditional tactile art to digital and immersive work. MOCA organizes various types of exhibitions, some of which are current, upcoming, or past. These exhibitions showcase diverse artwork, making MOCA a thriving hub of artistic innovation.

In addition to exhibitions, MOCA offers multiple education programs. Designed for different age groups, including teachers, teens, and people of all ages, these programs work to cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for contemporary art. MOCA also runs the Artist Film Series and other various programs which introduce viewers to different realms and understandings of art.

MOCA integrates traditional curation with modern technology with the introduction of VMOCA, a digital extension of the museum. This platform allows online users to engage with MOCA's many exhibits and offerings without geographical boundaries.

Alongside these programs, MOCA features collections, featuring both recent acquisitions as well as a dedicated catalogue of artists from A-Z. This vast collection provides insight into the many diverse perspectives and voices within the contemporary art scene.

Two distinct locations stand out for the Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA Grand and MOCA Geffen. Current information suggests that these venues are temporarily closed. Nevertheless, they form an integral part of the Museum's extant infrastructure. In contrast to these locations, the Warehouse and Double Negative, two additional exhibition spaces, are open at this time.

MOCA is not just a platform for showcasing art, but it also actively solicits support from individuals, corporations, and government foundations. The donations and funds collected are dedicated towards maintaining and expanding its exhibitions and educational programming.

The Museum's mission and history are clearly outlined for prospective visitors or donors. There are also options to get involved with MOCA directly, shown through their website's 'Jobs and Internships' section. For those looking for more than just a visit, the Museum offers the possibility of event rentals - an appealing opportunity for art enthusiasts or businesses looking for a novel event space.

The Museum Shop is another opportunity for engagement, where interested buyers can purchase everything from MOCA masks to exhibition catalogues. Shop policies are well-detailed, promoting an easy and friendly purchasing experience.

Overall, the Museum of Contemporary Art offers a varied and rich palette of contemporary art experiences. Though certain locations are temporarily closed, its commitment to broadening art perspectives and education remains unhampered, shifting seamlessly into the digital environment when necessary.